Saturday, August 15, 2020

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Choose the Sober Life

Christian ‘Supaman’ Parrish, of Hardin, Montana, presented at Dupree High School on Wednesday, April 18th.  Supaman was entertaining while also being compassionate and inspirational.  

Supaman shared about his own upbringing in an alcoholic home where his mom eventually chose the sober life after his dad died.  He talked about the positive choices he has made, including not drinking alcohol, as well about his dancing and rap blended with hip hop life style.

Blending traditional Native languages into raps and doing fancy dance Native dancing has taken him from rural Montana to the red carpet in L.A. where a song he did, with some famous performers supporting the ‘NO DAPL-Standing with Standing Rock’ movement, received an VMA award through MTV.  

Throughout the presentation, sponsored by the Meth & Suicide Prevention Task Force, Supaman performed with a flute, danced, and sang a lot as well as covered a variety of topics from the history of the fancy dance to the importance of being thankful for what you have and following your dreams.  Supaman also brought a few students out on the floor and worked with them to create a quick hip hop sound.

Overall, the students and staff truly enjoyed their time with Christian ‘Supaman’ Parrish and his positive and truly funny, upbeat message.  Before leaving, he did quite a few photos with students.