Monday, January 25, 2021

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Cheyenne River to launch Internet radio station Wednesday

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe’s radio station will make a big leap forward on Wednesday as they begin broadcasting over the internet, just in time to do the play by play of the basketball games at the Lakota Nation Invitational.

Tom Eagle Staff, Interim Director of Tribal Ventures said crews have been setting up the internet radio station in preparation for the LNI.

For basketball fans, who can’t make the trip to Rapid City, if they have internet at home or a smart phone, they can listen to live broadcasts of the games.

Lauching the internet radio station is one step forward for the tribe as they await the construction permit from the Federal Communication Commission to begin erecting the radio tower north of Eagle Butte. 

The foundation for the studio has been poured however the cold weather and snow that came through the area the last couple weeks will set the construction schedule behind possibly three months.

Eagle Staff was hoping for a mild winter as the contractor said they’d be able to begin construction if the weather cooperated. However, unless there is a January thaw, it doesn’t look like the radio station will be completed until spring.

In the meantime, Eagle Staff said they will begin broadcasting local programing along with music via the web. The website will be

Eagle Staff anticipates broadcasting for 12 hours a day to start with, beginning early in the morning.

“We will be broadcasting world wide,” said Eagle Staff.

As soon as the F.C.C. approves the construction permit, Eagle Staff said they’ll be able to run a contest to determine the stations four letter call sign, which begins with the letter K.

Eagle Staff said they will be looking for four DJs, two part-time and two full time.

Broadcasting via the internet will give staff a bit of a training platform, however Eagle Staff said that same F.C.C. broadcast regulations will be in place.

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