Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Eagle Butte

Cheyenne River students participate in the Lakota Language Weekend in Rapid City

Submitted group photo of Lakota Language Institute attendees.

Wayáwa wikȟóškalaka tópa Rapid City ektá ípi na Lakota Language Weekend el ópȟapi. Yámni Dupree Owáyawa Waŋkáwapȟaya etáŋhaŋpi na waŋží C-EB Owáyawa Waŋkáwapȟaya etáŋhaŋ. USD TRIO Educational Talent Search ogná hél awíčhaipi. Aŋpétu nuphíŋ owáuŋspe kiŋ átaya él škáŋpi. Héčhiya líla oíyokiphi yuhápi, ho čha tókša tȟokáta Lakĥól’iya Okóihaŋke kiŋháŋ, takómni akhé uŋyáŋpi kte.

Oct 27th and 28th there was a Lakota Language Weekend in Rapid City for beginning language learners, organized by the Lakota Language Consortium, which can be found under that name on Facebook.  USD TRIO Educational Talent Search took three freshmen girls from Dupree High School and one Sophomore from C-EB. The students learned a lot and made amazing progress in those two short days. They are practicing hard to get to the point where they will be able to have simple conversations in Lakota.

The language instructors, both native and non-native, use highly effective language teaching methods to revitalize Lakota, including TPR (Total Physical Response), a teaching strategy where students learn while listening, talking, touching, interacting, reading, writing, and playing. They involve all their senses in an actively engaged learning process. I said it before: the next step for our communities is that we need to create a real need for the language. We must make Lakota visible everywhere and turn it into a tool for communication! We need to have signs in offices, schools and community buildings; road signs, labels in grocery stores, radio announcement, commercials, meetings, newspaper articles and daily conversations, all in Lakota! Héčȟegla epȟíŋ kte.