Saturday, September 18, 2021

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Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Schools 2021-2022 Service Awards Ceremony

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Schools (C-EB) staff were back in action for their beginning-of-the-year in-service week to prepare for the 2021-2022 academic year. It was a delight to see everyone returning from the summer break and to meet our newest C-EB family members. It’s the tradition of C-EB Schools to honor the dedication and commitment of our staff to our students and school. C-EB Schools is dedicated to meeting the academic, spiritual, and social-emotional needs of our learners. It takes a village to do so and we are proud of all our C-EB Schools family members!  


5 Years 

Grace Barcelona 

Cynthia Charger 

Jenilee Charger 

Shelly Laurenz 

Joseph Moreno 

Jean Neigel 

Jordan Stadel 

Larry Elwess 

Deanna Laundreaux 

Justyn Lawrence 


10 Years 

Jeanne Brooks 

Tiffany Farrar 

Krissy Joens 

Robby Mader 

Kelsey Reeves 

Heather Allen 

Patricia Harper 

Jobeth Moran 

Galen Eberhard 


15 Years 

Beatrice Looking Horse 

Calli Thompson 

20 Years 

Larry Keller 

George Mendoza 

Perry LeClaire 

Rhonda Swan 


25 Years 

Haroldine Hill 

Kathy LeBeau 


30 Years 

Rochelle Schuler 

Harley Morgan 

Andrew Lind 


35 Years 

Rhonda Lesmeister  


BIE Honorably Mentioned: 

13 Years: Jacob Neigel Sr. 

Nearing 30 Years: Douglas Petersen 

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