Tuesday, January 28, 2020

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Cherry Creek Wacipi Results

The Canpa Wakpa Annual Wacipi took place in Cherry Creek from August 23-25, and included various dance contests, a parade, bouncy inflatables, softball and horseshoe tournaments. Each morning, flag raising was conducted by the akicita of American Legion Post 308, with 10 flags flown on Sunday.

The event this year had many dancers, with some dancers coming from as far away as Montana. The Women’s Traditional Special in memory of Mary Good Elk Woman had 15 participants, with  two top winners – Elaine Widow and Jordanna Thunder Hawk.

The men’s traditional category delighted the audience as they danced to sneak up, crow hop, and traditional songs.

Dinner was served before every evening grand entry and lunch was provided by John Kessler and family.

2019 Cherry Creek Wacipi Results

Jr. Girl’s Fancy

1st Xandra Hale

2nd Paloma Ruiz

3rd Khalani Howard


Jr. Girl’s Jingle

1st Adina Waters

2nd Jevenie Waters

3rd Halo Waloke


Jr. Girl’s Traditional

1st Love Hopkins

2nd Wambli Makes Room For Them

3rd Elena Waters


Jr. Boy’s Grass

1st Beatter Wells

2nd Julius Waters


Jr. Boy’s Traditional

1st Blue Weston


Teen Girl’s Fancy

1st Arianna Hollow Horn

2nd Emma In The Woods

3rd Tina Shields


Teen Girl’s Jingle

1st Anessa One Skunk

2nd Jordan Carter


Teen Girl’s Traditional

1st Jordanna Thunder Hawk

2nd Precious Cook

3rd Shayne Nezzie


Teen Boy’s Fancy

1st Maddox Eagle


Teen Boy’s Grass

1st Antwan West

2nd Christian Thunder Hawk

3rd Ted Eagle


Teen Boy’s Traditional

1st Leland West



Women’s Fancy

1st Cante Heminger

2nd Kayla Grey Bear

3rd Stephanie Herald


Women’s Jingle

1st Melanie Howard

2nd Aubrey Hale

3rd Tara Marrowbone


Women’s Traditional

1st Kelsey Grey Bear

2nd Rochelle Bull Head

3rd Lillian Little Shield


Men’s Fancy

1st Nick Demarce

2nd Josh Thunder Hawk

3rd Sheldon Tree Top


Men’s Grass

1st Ethan Little Shield

2nd Dylan Dupris

3rd Aubrey Dupris


Men’s Traditional

1st Steve Yellow Earrings

2nd Steve Charging Eagle

3rd Brand White Eyes