Monday, January 18, 2021

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Chairman Frazier Update: 80 positive cases, 15 active, 64 recovered

Chairman Frazier announced Monday that the total case count is 80 positive cases with no increase from the day before. There are three COVID-19 cases, two have been referred out for higher level care and are in stable condition. There are 15 active cases on CRST with 64 recoveries and one death, said Frazier.

The chairman said a total of 5,359 tests have been conducted with 5,289 negatives. There are 3,376 test kits available.

Behavioral Health Hotline 24×7                         605/964-1545

Command Center                                             605/964-3637

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To apply for a Deputy position call                      605/964-6444

Other Notes

Mass testing is taking place this week at the following locations and times.

8/11 – 10AM-2PM: White Horse Clinic Parking Lot

8/12 – 10AM-2PM: Takini C-Store Parking Lot

8/13 – 10AM-2PM: Cheyenne River Housing Authority Parking Lot

Sturgis Biker Rally

A caller asked if Chairman Frazier is concerned about the biker rally. The Chairman said he is concerned as this is not just a large gathering, but a huge gathering. There is also concern because those infected at the rally will not be counted in South Dakota’s COVID-19 count; attendees will be counted in their home states. There may not be a way to track and analyze COVID-19 data from the rally.

A caller asked if the Tribe is prepared for a second wave of COVID-19 as the Sturgis Biker Rally is ramping up and schools are reopening. Chairman Frazier said the Tribe is prepared for this possibility and has a lot of tracking in place and quarantine plans. He stated the Tribe has always overcome numerous obstacles and this will be nothing different. He mentioned specifically that there is a stockpile of meat ready to be shipped for processing.

Elderly/HOH Assistance

A caller asked if the elderly will be getting $500 to help with rent, utilities, etc.; especially at the Manor or Medicine Wheel Village. Chairman Frazier responded the Tribal Council is deciding on how to distribute funds. Discussions have been conducted to distribute $500 per month to all Head of Household members over the next five months to cover rent, utilities, groceries, etc. There are currently 1,749 Head of Households approved and the Chairman will bring up when the Council reconvenes.

A caller asked how this will be distributed. The chairman said the Council is currently gathering data from Moreau-Grand Electric. Distribution will be discussed in Wednesday’s Council meeting and should be presented on Thursday’s radio call.


A caller inquired if they would need to quarantine after a medical appointment in Pierre.

The Chairman reiterated that although it is not mandatory, it is recommended; especially if someone is coming from a hot spot. He said it is important to follow the CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and quarantine to minimize spread. He said the Tribe is currently at a Level 3, which could change at any time. He also said another important note is that during August, Rapid City and Bismarck hospitals tend to have increased admissions and with the rally, it’s possible that there won’t be beds available.

A caller asked if there will be legal proceedings if Tribal Members do not quarantine or follow CDC guidelines. Chairman Frazier said he hopes that members can make decisions to comply with the recommendations, so legal proceedings will not happen. If there is no compliance, then legal proceedings may be necessary.

A caller asked if the border patrols have new uniforms. The Chairman replied that yes, purchases were made for red, white, blue, and yellow caps and t-shirts. They have the Tribal emblem on them and have been distributed.

Alcohol Sales

A caller asked if the Tribal Council will be extending the hours for alcohol sales. Chairman Frazier responded that this was brought up in Tribal Council, but the motion to open for extended hours failed. The hours are currently 11AM – 3PM.


A caller asked when the fitness center and day cares will reopen. The Chairman explained that in Level 3, decisions are made by the directors or owners. There has not been a decision made on the Tribal Day Care. The Council is currently reviewing the employees who work there as some are high risk, etc.

A caller inquired about when the Tribal Council meetings will reopen to everyone.

The Chairman said there is no decision on this yet as things can change in a day. If positive COVID cases increase to 20, this would mean a level 4 and schools would be going virtual as well.

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