Saturday, June 19, 2021

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Chairman Frazier delivers COVID-19 radio update

Chairman Frazier was back on the airwaves on KIPI on Monday, June 7, with a COVID-19 update.

New Case Count

The chairman reported there are zero active cases today and no new cases from the day before. No patients are currently in the hospital. The tribe has done 21,178 tests, 9,370 negatives, 1,808 positives, 8,768 test kits are available.

Out of 1,808 cases, there are 1,771 recoveries and 37 deaths. Ziebach County has 500 cases, 486 recoveries, 14 deaths. He said Dewey County has 1,308 cases, 1,985 recoveries and 23 deaths. The 7-day positivity rate is zero. The 7-day average of active cases is 0.57%. The 7-day average of new cases is zero.

5,907 vaccines have been administered. From June 4-5, there were 47 new vaccinations. 3,051 first shots have been given, 2,856 second shots. 3,525 vaccine doses are on hand: Pfizer 2,220, Moderna 1,190, Johnson and Johnson 115.

Comparison to June 7, 2020

809 tests, 806 neg, 3 positive, 57 tests pending, 

Total 1198 kits avaial

3 admissions, 5 open beds


Medical Hotline Number 24×7 605/964-0563

Behavioral Health Hotline 24×7 605/964-1545

Command Center 605/964-3637

Facebook page

Daily updates

Caller Questions

In answer to a caller question, the chairman said he would call the Chief of Police and medical people and come up with a plan to be aggressive in making sure everybody complies with all the tribal measures to make sure that there’s no parties and stuff like that. He said there is no curfew, but they will do a better job monitoring and making sure things like that don’t happen.

The chairman closed by asking everyone to stay strong in their prayers and to be positive and patient. He promised to visit again on June 8.

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