Sunday, July 5, 2020

Eagle Butte
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Partly sunny

Chaiman’s Corner

CRST Chairman Harold Frazier statement on United States fifth Circuit Court Overturning lower court ruling on Indian Child Welfare Act constitutionality

Eagle Butte, SD — It is with great pleasure that I applaud the decision of the US Fifth Circuit Court’s ruling regarding the constitutionality of the Indian Child Welfare Act. On August 9th 2019 the Court of Appeals overturned a lawsuit filed by multiple states challenging United States law which protects the sanctity of our families.

It is imperative for the United States to honor the laws to protect our children and the begin to heal the damages done to our families. Without these crucial laws our children would be stripped away from our people which would rob them of the chance to learn who they are and from where they come.

I cannot understate the importance of our children staying with our people and continuing to share the life our forefathers shed blood to protect. Family is the core of our people. It is who we are. Affirming this important act allows the governments of both the United States and Tribal nations to honor our ancestors and protect their blood today and for future generations.

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