Saturday, July 20, 2019

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Cannabis Legalization on Cheyenne River: Is it safe?

Medical marijuana is different from the street drug that we all know about, and with the growing number of states legalizing its use, the cannabinoid flower is making headlines everywhere.

The medicated plant has existed in human lives for thousands of years. Marijuana is recognized to help patients with various health side effects, such as nausea and vomiting symptoms, depression, anxiety, seizures, appetite loss, reductions in tumor size, schizophrenia, and chronic pain.

Individuals with these symptoms share similar success stories — that medical cannabis has improved their life.

The use of medical cannabis has shown progressive results such as positive body nourishment, an improved outlook on life, good eating habits and well rested sleep.

It’s known to fight against numerous illnesses and relieve pain.

Recreational use of marijuana is still in question – will people abuse the drug? It’s important to keep in mind that people shouldn’t become too reliable on the drug.

There’s ongoing drug disputes and arrests happening frequently on the reservation. There is already a majority of enrolled tribal members that will support marijuana legalization on Cheyenne River Agency. District 5 Council Rep. Bernita in the Woods agrees the hemp decision ultimately belongs to the people, and she’s in full support of that.

A tribal memorandum submitted on January 16, 2019 states the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Council, during Regular Session on January 14, 2019, approved of a motion to refer the request from Lanny LaPlante, Jr. regarding Hemp Manufacturing, to the Economic Development Committee.

There are still individuals against legalization on the reservation. Marijuana is still considered an illegal, controlled substance in the state of South Dakota. Unlike other legal substances, such as alcohol or tobacco, there is no presentable standards for safe use or proper dosage readily available to help guide people as they make choices regarding the issues of if, when, where, and how to use cannabis safely.

CRST Council Rep. Bryce in the Woods hopes to see support from council members to issue a survey to the public about medical and recreational legalization on the Cheyenne River reservation.

A January 23, 2019 tribal memorandum delivered District No. 5 Motion to create an Indian Hemp Commission with six elected volunteer members from each district and six alternatives has been approved.