Sunday, October 21, 2018

Eagle Butte

C-EB’s Red Horse invited to 2018 Down Under football team

Stacey Red Horse is a senior at C-EB High School. Submitted photo

Down Under Sports is pleased to announce that Stacey Red Horse from Cheyenne-Eagle Butte School has been invited to represent South Dakota on the 2018 Football Team. Stacey will depart for Queensland, Australia on Sunday, June 24, 2018 to compete down under for individual honors and a team championship title. Each participant must raise money to cover the cost of the ten-day Australia Tournament Package. Fundraising is an important step to achieve the goal of competing on the international stage.

About Down Under Sports

Down Under Sports was founded in February 1989 based upon the dream of a New Zealander by the name of George O’Scanlon. George fell in love with athletics, especially American football (gridiron) as a young man growing up in his native country of New Zealand. His desire over the years has been to promote gridiron, not only to the people of New Zealand, but also to Australia where he lived for many years. That is why George started the Down Under Bowl which eventually led to the establishment of the Down Under Hoops Classic and the Down Under International Games. The Down Under Sports programs use the common language of sports to bridge the continents and provide a forum for athletes from around the globe to compete head-to-head in the sport they love. During the past twenty- nine years, Down Under Sports has had the opportunity to share the land down under with tens of thousands of individuals from across the United States. Some prior standouts of the Down Under Bowl include Jake “The Snake” Plummer (Denver Broncos), Ahman Green (Green Bay Packers), Rob Morris (Indianapolis Colts), Dave Dixon (Minnesota Vikings) and Jesse Williams (Seattle Seahawks).

The 2018 Down Under Sports program will include competition in football, cross country, golf, track and field, basketball and volleyball. Down Under Sports’ goal is to continue to provide athletes who excel in their sport the opportunity to experience the culture, beauty and grandeur of the land down under all within the framework of spirited and intense competition.