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C-EB’s football team refuses to give up against Tigers

C-EB’s football team lost to the Mobridge Tigers 0 – 50, ending the game in the third quarter.

Despite the tough loss, the Braves worked hard to try and shut down the Tiger’s offense, rallying each other on the field and trying to help one another remain focused.

The Braves offense could not penetrate the Tiger’s defense, and struggled to make short runs and complete passes throughout the game.

Several players are on in the injured list, including sophomore Ashten Ganje, who shows promise of having a great arm for the Braves, and who stepped in for Payden Peterson when he suffered injuries this season.

Senior and one of the defensive leaders of the team, Talon Shaving, injured his shoulder on a take-down during the game as well.

The Tigers took advantage of the C-EB errors. One mistake was during the second quarter when the Braves let a kick return fall, walked away from the ball without touching it, and a Tiger picked it up and ran for a touchdown.

So far the Braves have one win and five losses for the season, and three more games yet to play. They play in Vermillion on Oct. 5, and Crow Creek on Oct. 12.

Parent’s night is Oct. 18 at home against Standing Rock.

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