Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Eagle Butte

C-EB/Dupree wrestlers honor parents & guardians at Jan. 29 invite

Seventh grader Treg Thorstenson with Juston and Julie Thorstenson.

Be sure to support C-EB/Dupree Wrestlers on Feb. 27 at the C-EB High School gym as the Braves/Tigers host Regionals for the first time in over seven years.

Seventh grader Zander Bowman with Shannon LeCompte and Efton Dog Eagle.

Junior Josh Jiminez with Carla and Jarred Blue Coat and little sister.

Junior CL Pederson with Bret and Cindy Pederson.

Sophomore Payden Pederson with Sammi Ducheneaux and Betsy Ducheneaux.

Eighth grader Evan Hollow Horn with Paul Hollow Horn and Yvonne McGinnis.

Freshman Hunter Stambach with Austin Stambach and Amanda Kraft.

Senior Stacey Red Horse with Jesse Haskell and Ramon Marrufo.

Sophomore Tyus Norris with Holly Annis.

Senior D.J. High Bear with Lori and Delvin High Bear Sr., and Clara Lebeau.

Sophomore Manager Ashton Spotted Horse pictured with Madison Moore and Chistina Osthus.

Sophomore Manager Taylor Uses the Knife pictured with Kyle and Christine Ward.
Photos by Jody Rust

Assistant C-EB/Dupree Wrestling Coach Travis Jewett with Darann and Brandin.

Head C-EB/Dupree Wrestling Coach Josh Schrempp, his wife Janessa and kids.