Friday, May 24, 2019

Eagle Butte
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

C-EB volleyball balances a 10-10 record

C-EB girls’ volleyball team holds a 10-10 record for the season, taking 4 wins at this past weekend’s LNI tournament with wins over St. Francis, Crazy Horse, Lower Brule, and Tiospaye Topa, and losses to Hill City, White River, and Todd County.

In Region 6, the Lady Braves trail behind Miller, which boasts a 19-2 season record, but is followed by Mobridge-Pollock, Crow Creek, Chamberlain, Stanley County and McLaughlin.

Mobridge-Pollock came to Eagle Butte last week, and the Braves took them to the fifth match when they lost in the final match 9-15.

Coach Mary Mitchell works hard to focus the players, and remind them of their roles and goals as they compete.

The volleyball team plays at home again on Oct. 9, 11, 15 and 16 before finishing the season with an away game.