Monday, February 24, 2020

Eagle Butte

C-EB Varsity falls to Lemmon Cowgirls; Junior Varsity and C-Teams victorious for last game

PHOTO BY DARREL EAGLE STAFF Above: Carisa Stocklin fights with a Lemmon blocker to get the ball over the net. C-EB’s Varsity went five sets with Lemmon on Tuesday, October 29. Scores were 25–23 C-EB, 25–15 C-EB, 12–25 Lemmon, 23–25 Lemmon and 7-15 Lemmon. The JV and C-Teams won their games, both in two sets.

PHOTO BY DARREL EAGLE STAFF Lany LaPlante serves for C-EB’s C-Team.

PHOTO BY DARREL EAGLE STAFF Leafia Condon serves for the junior Varsity against Lemmon.