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C-EB students shine in Missoula Children’s theater, a hit on CRST

Beauty Lou and her sisters sit around their mom as she sings “Mama’s Song” in the production of Beauty Lou and the Country Beast directed by the Missoula Children’s theater, an organization that brings drama to Cheyenne Eagle Butte students annually. Photo by Alaina Adakai

C-EB students shine in Missoula Children’s theater, a hit on CRST

“County fair! A downhome feeling in the air! Yahoo! So get up out of your rocking chair and come to the county fair!” sang a chorus of children clad in country-style clothing.

The Missoula Children’s Theatre made their annual stop on Cheyenne River and in the course of 5-days, produced a whimsical and magical play titled, Beauty Lou and the Country Beast.

Auditions were held on Monday, November 27, and 40 students from Cheyenne-Eagle Butte schools were cast in various roles. A show was performed each day on December 1 and 2.

The play is filled with catchy songs that will fill your heart with delight and may even pull at your heartstrings.

Young students cast as “barnyard critters”, dressed as donkeys, roosters, cows, and horse performed their own “authentic barnyard symphony”.

There was an entourage of country folk who expressed their love of their county fair through song and dance.

In the play, Beauty Lou, played by Akeyda Adams, unintentionally casts a spell on a gold miner after his rude behavior towards her when she tries to present him with his award for his beautiful roses. Her spell turns him into a beast.

The play, a comedic take on the popular Beauty and the Beast, introduces the audience to an unforgettable cast of characters and song accompanied by live piano music from C-EB elementary teacher, Cheryl Ulmer, resulting in a wonderful production and family event.