Friday, December 14, 2018

Eagle Butte

C-EB hosts SOS: Toolkits for Learning March 13

By Jody Rust

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte High School will host an SOS: Toolkits for Learning Event on March 13 for parents of C-EB High School students beginning at 5:30 p.m.

C-EB began a Seminars on Success workshop series in the Spring 2017 that aimed to give parents and students the tools they need to succeed.

The workshops incorporated healthy eating information along with foods that energize the mind in the form of pre-workshop snacks and a mid workshop dinner.

Improved student performance results from not only eating healthy foods, but also practicing time management so that students learn to work in leisure activities to rest the mind, exercise to increase metabolism and get the heart going, and sleep so that they are able to focus on their work in class.

To support time management and to help parents create study spaces at home, the school provides practical tools such as whiteboards, calendars, planners, calculators, dictionaries, and other school-oriented supplies that may motivate students to spend time outside of school practicing the learning process.

Presenters at the workshops consist of school personnel as well as people from the community and national organizations.

This Spring will be the fourth SOS to date for the school. Presentation topics will be about the importance of focusing one’s attention on a task, understanding an adopting a growth mindset, using technology to access career and college information, practicing the Lakota values, dealing with trauma, using summer time wisely, and more.

Fruits and vegetables are served as an appetizer during a meet and greet session prior to the first session of workshops.

After the first session, parents, students and presenters gather in the school library for a meal and drawings for the different tools for learning.

After the dinner, participants break for another session, then return to the library for a survey and final drawing.

SOS is equivalent to Parent Universities started in different schools designed to help parents understand the learning strategies and expectations of teachers so that they can work with teachers to help students achieve excellence in their education.

Teachers at the high school have been asked to offer incentives for students to attend the workshops with their parents.

Teachers and other presenters volunteer their time to the workshop experience in an effort to share their love of learning and their knowledge of various strategies and topics with parents and students.

Many parents have expressed concerns that the expectations and learning styles have changed since they were children, and the school wants to provide parents an active learning environment to help them understand the differences and then in turn be able to help their kids excel.

Agenda’s with a description of the event’s workshops will be available by Friday, March 9 in the High School office and on the high school Facebook page.

Participants will be able to choose two workshops to attend in the evening. Dinner will center around salmon and (hopefully) bison.