Thursday, April 18, 2019

Eagle Butte

C-EB homecoming: Falcons defeat Braves 50-6

The Cheyenne-Ealge Butte Braves faced the Todd County Falcons on Friday for their homecoming game and came up on the losing end.

The Falcons and Braves had their share of errors throughout the game, hiking the ball too high or low, fumbling passes and losing yard due to penalties.

However, the Falcons were able to pull away from the Braves’ defensive line and run the ball into touchdown status . The Braves were able to score a touchdown in the second half, but the Falcons defense proved to be strong and fast, making it difficult for the Braves to score.

The Braves were also plagued with multiple injuries, and younger players were asked to step up and take the lead.

Junior Payden Petersen, quarterback, suffered an injury midway through the game, and sophomore Ashten Ganje took his place. Ganje proved to have a powerful arm, but the Braves had too many incomplete passes to make those throws pay off on the score board.

Ganje made about an 18 yard pass to Senior and Receiver Brad Iron Hawk for the Braves’ only touchdown of the night.

Due to the score spread, the clock ran through the second half, and an earlier end to the game was called had the Braves been able to either stop the Falcons or break through their defense.