Friday, September 25, 2020

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C-EB High School News: Speakers promote the law of attraction and following one’s passion

Chance Rush speaks to C-EB students during the assembly held on Dec. 16.

Junior high and high school students attended a speaking event on Monday sponsored by the Four Bands Community Fund.

Chance Rush and Emcee One shared their inspirational stories as entrepreneurs who took a passion and made it a reality by paying attention to the details around them.

Emcee One told the students that what they put into the world is what they will get back from it. If they fool around in class all of the time, that is what they will be doing the rest of their lives because they will be what they know best, he explained.

Chance Rush expressed the importance of education as a tool to open doors — not make money — and that the true money can only be found in following and acting on one’s passions.

Both speakers emphasized that to have passion for the negative will bring the negative and to have a passion for the positive will bring the positive.

The pair passed out tickets and had a drawing for major prizes, including air-buds and HG TV’s.

History Teacher Larry Elwess and Sophomore Mitchell Yellow Wolf participated in a dance off, and Elwess elicited major roars of support from the crowd as he busted out with break dance moves, as well as some old school and new school dance moves.

The students seemed to enjoy the presentation as the presenters sent them off with some hope to chew on over the holiday break.

Emcee One brought his DJ equipment to entertain the students at the speaking event he hosted with Chance Rush.

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