Monday, September 16, 2019

Eagle Butte
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Mostly cloudy

C-EB graduates celebrate

The Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Class of 2019 gathered Sunday for the big day — that day when high school seniors say goodbye to childish things and officially enter into adulting.

Below, the seniors from both the high school and the Eagle Center pose for a class photo just before they walked the auditorium aisles as a Braves student for the last time.

Pictured left, Senior Bradley Iron Hawk sings an opening prayer song, followed by Genevieve Iron Lightning’s prayer in Lakota.

Jolavae Gunville was commissioned to compile the slide show for the event, which not only showcased students in their baby pics, but also highlighted many of their athletic and academic successes throughout their senior year.

Seniors have several practice sessions in preparation for the rabbit dance competition held each year. Brett Brings Plenty concentrates on his steps with Randi Little Star during the competition at the Senior Honoring. Photos by Jody Rust

Dylan Mound and Hailee Eagleman own the rabbit dance, in which they placed second, behind first place winners Ahanni Knight and Rhaiyan Tomko, pictured in the background. Photo by Jody Rust

Elias Veaux waits as the students and staff prepare for the feather ceremony at Friday’s Senior Honoring. Photo by Jody Rust

Rhaiyan Tomko dances in her jingle dress. Photo by Jody Rust