Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Eagle Butte

C-EB artists place in various categories

Each year, C-EB students present high quality and award-winning works of art in various categories of the LNI Art Show Competition.

This year, winners for C-EB were in ceramics, Mira Paris; and in black & white drawing, Keonna Red Bear.

Also placing for C-EB: third place in pottery, Genevieve Iron Lightning; third place in water color, Keonna Red Bear; and second place in ceramics, Emilie Miner.

Water color by Keonna Red Bear. Photo by Jody Rust

Senior Genevieve Iron Lightning placed third in the ceramics division of the Lakota Nation Invitations Art Show Competition for the 2018 event for her untitled work. Facebook photo

Mira Paris’s pottery, “Standing Alone” won first place in the ceramics division at the Lakota Nation Invitational 2018 event. Competition in the art show is extensive and C-EB consistently has students who excel in the show each year. Photo by Jody Rust

Junior Emilie Miner’s cup and saucer placed second in ceramics at the LNI art show competition. Photo by Jody Rust

Senior Keonna Red Bear’s “Music Horse” drawn in ink and pen placed first in Black and White. Photo by Jody Rust

C-EB’s art teacher this year is Jack Shillingstad.