Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Braves take on Cubs in Class A Region 6 Quaterfinals

The 2021 Lady Braves took the court for the last time on November 2 up in Mobridge. They took on the Chamberlain Cubs in the Class A Region 6 Quarterfinals. The game did not have the outcome they hoped for, but it will always be remembered by the four seniors who ended their careers playing for the red, white, and blue.

As great as it is for any player to represent their team, school, and community when they don a varsity jersey for the very first time; it is equally sad when they step off the court for the last time to turn that same jersey back in forever, whether the match was won or lost.  So, this last match was the swan song for seniors Ahmyli Clark, LeAunah Farlee, Cassie Carter, and Kay’Leigh Red Fox.

The girls split their games against these same Cubs during the regular season. They lost to them on September 18 at the Fort Pierre Tournament and beat them on October 19 at the CEB Tournament. They hoped they would again be victorious, but it was simply not to be. 

The Chamberlain Cubs came out hot and quickly had the Braves down 1 to 12. Unfortunately, none of them could get their game rolling and they fell to the Cubs 10 to 25 in this opening set.

Matters did improve somewhat in Set Two. The Braves stayed pretty close to Chamberlain until the score reached 6 to 12. After that the Cubs steadily pulled away to take the set 12 to 25. The good news was that LeAunah Farlee started to bring some hard hitting and her teammates Sydnee White Feather and Lauryn Keckler followed up.

In the third and final set, the Braves showed improvement, but they still fell 19 to 25. Lauryn Keckler had her best set, registering three kills, and Cassie Carter finally hammered three kills herself. Even though Sydnee White Feather only tallied 1 kill, her celebratory jumping up and down and her million-dollar smile when she rips the ball always warm up the building. 

Again, this last match was not how the Braves wanted to end their season. But with all they have been through over the last two years and with COVID too, they shined regardless. Best of all, Ahmyli, LeAunah, Cassie, and Kay’Leigh were great ambassadors for their team, school, community, and families. For that we will always praise and remember them fondly.

In a final talk with Coach Mary Mitchell about the season, she said she was so happy that they were even able to have a season. COVID caused them to lose their 2020 season altogether, and it severely hampered this season as well. Even with all the ups and downs, she was delighted that her team came together and improved so much as the season progressed. 

Coach Mitchell was very proud of all her players. As for the seniors, she said she saw LeAunah step up to be the leader as she always knew her to be. That extra step led LeAunah to be crowned captain of the 2021 team. Ahmyli was the Most Improved Player this season, and Cassie was the Top Gun for the Braves.

Lastly, Coach Mitchell expressed her sincere appreciation for Kay’Leigh, who became the heart of the team. Kay’Leigh was always filled with positivity and that spirit transmuted to her fellow teammates and anyone else who came in contact with her.

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