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Braves get strong win over St. Francis Warriors

Big Easton Lawrence and the boys went down to St. Francis Indian School on Tuesday, February 13th to take on the 8-and-8 Warriors.  Easton was on a mission to not only keep St. Francis from beating the Braves but to take the Warriors to school.  The Warriors were going to prove to be troublesome though because they came out and banged in a long ball to get on the broad the first – 0 to 3.  However, to make sure St. Francis was in their desks and paying attention, Dayson Kennedy busted in a deep ball on the very next possession to tie up the game up at 3-all.  Then Easton let everyone in the gym know the professor was in the house because he put his name on the board by muscling up his field goal of the night.  When the Warriors scored again, it was Damien Clown’s turn to put order back in the room by making back-to-back shots.  Then Levi Elk Nation went to the front of the class and showed the boys from St. Francis just how a 3-pointer should really snap the net.  With Dayson cleaning up, he tacked on two more buckets to give the Braves a three-point lead when the bell rang to the end the first period – 16 to 13.

In the second period, the Warriors got a whole lot of schooling from Easton.  By the time he sank his sixth bucket of the game, the Braves had a commanding lead of 31 to 23.  His huge presence of being up in front of the class though can have its drawbacks at times.  Such as with 1:20 to go before halftime, a Warrior, with the ball, ran smack dab into Easton at full speed, who was about three or four feet in the front of the basket in a stationary position with both arms raised straight above his head.  When the collision occurred the trail official, who was standing ten feet behind the division line in the backcourt, blew his whistle and accessed a blocking foul on Mr. Lawrence.  The call was utterly misplaced because Easton had established a legal guarding position as well a clear position of “verticality”.  There is a whole section in the NFHS Rule Book, Sec. 45, Art. 1 to 7 that governs this principle.  It means a player is entitled to his/her space and all vertical space above himself/herself.  Therefore, if the offensive player runs into a defender in a legal guarding position, it is the fault of the offensive player and not the defender for causing the contact.  But again, with the offending player bouncing off Easton like a bug on a windshield, the perpetrator of the collision got the benefit of the doubt and Easton was simply penalized for being a Big Man, which a lot of big men get improperly penalized for.  With a teachable moment lost on the man in the black and white shirt, the game went on and Levi as well as Decimus Grass provided “show and tell” to the class by draining back-to-back 3-pointers to help close out the first half 39 to 29.

Easton opened the third period by scoring his eighth bucket of the game and after that he again schooled the Warriors on shutting down the paint because St. Francis quit coming in the lane looking for easy buckets.  Levi, Dayson, Damien, and Nehemiah Veaux also stepped up because when the bell rang to end the period Cheyenne-Eagle Butte had a commanding lead of 60 to 43.

The last lesson plan implemented was team defense because the Braves only allowed the Warriors to tack on six more points before school was dismissed for the day.  As for the Braves, Nehemiah sank one of two free-throws, Damien canned a shot, Levi popped one in, Danah Diver rattled in a layup, and Easton made his tenth field goal of the night.  But going to the head of the class was star pupil, Dayson Kennedy because he started off this final period by making his sixth shot from the floor and then ended it by making his second and third 3-point baskets to nudge Easton out of being the high point scorer of the game by four points – 24 to 20.  All this schooling led to a 79 to 49 victory over the St. Francis Indian School Warriors.

Stats: Boys Braves:  Damien Clown – 13, Levi Elk Nation – 13, Nehemiah Veaux – 4, Dayson Kennedy – 24, Danah Diver – 2, Decimus Grass – 3, Easton Lawrence – 20.  Warriors:  Cante Kills In Water – 6, Ethan Spotted Tail – 21, Darin Arcoren Jr. – 12, Wanakiksin Stands – 3, Luke Marshall – 5, Jordan Larvie – 2.

C-EB: 26; 17; 22; 20; +85

SF: 13; 11; 18; 11; +53

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