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Braves attend “Legends” team camp at Augustana

Legends camp participants Back row left to right: Ethan Bruguier, Reuben Tavaifiatoa, Curtis Petersen, Talon Shaving, John Henry Hale, Brexton Traversie, Kipp Red Dog, and Isaiah Hale. Middle row: Harley Neigel, Wyatt Jewett, Cetan Dyda, Kaytonna Barteltt, Bradley Iron Hawk, Weston Clausen, Calvin Traversie, Tyrese Red Bear, DJ High Bear, and Payden Peterson. Front row: Stacey Red Horse, Max Lawrence, Bryant Heideman, Donte Arcoren, and Derrek Eagle.

Summer has just begun but the Braves football team is making some preparations and looking ahead to this fall’s football season.

Head coach Mike Scott, assistant coach Les Logg and 23 members of next years Braves’ football squad participated in the 19th Annual 2016 Legends Football Camp. The camp was held on the campus of Augustana University in Sioux Falls on June 19-21.

The team camp format allows the players and coaches to practice their basic team offenses and defenses against other schools in full contact scrimmages, with the exception of full contact against the quarterback.

The first two days, the teams were at the SD Junior Football Fields out near the Pentagon. Here the  camp is broken up into early sessions where all the players get coaching from the Augustana coaches and players in their respective offensive and defensive positions.

The last day of camp was held at KO stadium where the Augustana Vikings play. The teams participated in a tournament called “King of KO”.  In the later session, teams were able to get classroom and practice time to go over plays and then do some scrimmaging

Coach Mike Scott was happy with the way the team played. Scott said this year’s 23 players was the most he had ever taken to the camp. Scott said with those numbers, the Braves played better than they have at previous camps, even though they played against AAA schools, such as Sioux Falls O’Gorman and Roosevelt, along with schools from Minnesota.

Scott attributes the good showing at camp had to do with the kids that have been coming together and working out hard all summer. 

“So far we have been averaging 18-20 athletes a night for workouts which is a tremendous asset”, said Scott.

“The camp was a great experience and it was easy to see that they got better every day.  The athletes worked hard and played hard and it was fun to watch them love and play the game a football.”

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