Thursday, July 9, 2020

Eagle Butte

Azhé’é Bééhániih: Father’s Day

My father, Raymond Adakai.

I love my dad.

My father passed away at 48 years young after a hard-fought battle with cancer. It will be 12 year this year since he journeyed into the spirit world, but my dad is with me daily and his teachings guide my life. Every day is a good day to honor fathers, whether they are with us in the physical world or if they are in the spiritual world.

When times are challenging and when I am in rut, I turn to my father’s words and lessons and draw strength from him. Isn’t the love a father beautiful?

I had a wonderful dad- he was a good man with a good heart.

It is also important for me to honor and remember my father-in-law, for he is a big part of our family.

Just look at the photo below, my husband and father-in-law look so much alike.

This brings me to my husband. Happy Father’s Day, honey. We love you and we appreciate you. Thank you for being you. Ayóó Ánííníshní

And to all fathers, Happy Father’s Day. You are important and you matter.

My father-in-law, Dave Beautiful Bald Eagle and my husband, Remi Bald Eagle.