Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Eagle Butte

At The Heart Of It: Feel good this season — begin the work-out resolution now

Next week, we will all take a long weekend break when we will be tasked with either cooking or eating that beloved Thanksgiving meal. 

Whether alone or with people we love, or at least can tolerate, we are all reminded that we are supposed to care for one another, eat, be kind, eat, shop, eat, sleep, and eat. 

This holiday, as with most holidays, I try to make sure I exercise in the morning, because it just does not seem to work out when I plan an afternoon workout. 

Working out over the holiday can help you in many ways. 

First, a good workout increases your feel-good hormones. For those of you not used to working out, remember, even a walk around the block is a form of working out. 

Second, working out increases your metabolism, and your body will be able to process all that food faster and more efficiently. 

Third, stress often being high at this time of year, working out can help to reduce that tension that you may be feeling. 

Finally, working out can help you avoid the after-Thanksgiving moans and groans about how many pounds you put on and why you knew you should not have had that second helping of pie. 

Exercise of the holidays is often put off. We typically wait for the new year and all of those hopelessly unfulfilled resolutions before we head to the fitness center or bundle up for a brisk walk. 

I challenge you to start now. I pull up a thirty minute yoga session on YouTube if the weather is uncooperative or the fitness center closed. 

My mindset is that working out is a necessary and desperately needed as that morning cup of coffee or the extra few minutes of sleep. 

With a “no-choice, gotta do it” attitude, I am able to keep myself in shape, reduce the number of times I mentally scream or cry, and increase the number of times I genuinely smile at people throughout the day. 

When grandma is yelling at grandpa, or the kids have lost their senses and are running madly about the house, or when silence fills the room with empty spaces — exercise can bring order to chaos, fill the silence, and ease the mind and body. 

While there is tomorrow, and there is the new year to come, remember there is also now — this moment — and all it takes for you to begin or for you to get up and begin.