Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Area break-ins and car thefts result in three juvenile arrests

Three juveniles, two girls and a boy were arrested after four garages in Dupree were broken into on Thursday night. Three vehicles, two in Dupree and one in Eagle Butte were also stolen and recovered. 

Ziebach County Sheriff Gary Cudmore on Friday said the incidents initially appeared to be separated but in the course of the investigation it was found the three juveniles were responsible for both incidents.

Two vehicles owned by Rocky Longbrake of Dupree were stolen from his home and later recovered. 

A third pickup owned by JR Keckler was stolen in Eagle Butte.

The spree started in Dupree where four garages were broken into. The trio made off with some alcohol and had spray painted graffiti in two locations.

They then stole one of the Longbrake vehicles in Dupree, made their way to Eagle Butte, then back to Dupree and stole the other vehicle belonging to Longbrake.

In the course of their trips to Eagle Butte, they stole a Ford pickup belonging to JR Keckler who lives east of Eagle Butte toward the landfill.

The pickup was later found 350 yards east of his house down in a draw. The perpetrators  had driven the pickup down the draw into a thicket of trees where they crashed into a tree, sustaining substantial damage to the front end.