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Are your kids bored? “Be an Explorer” series uses Facebook Live to introduce them to scienceFree Access

The South Dakota Discovery Center is offering free science content via Facebook Live every Monday-Friday from 10:00-10:20 a.m., while schools are closed. The program, “Be an Explorer,” was developed for grades 2-5 and aims to remotely engage children with scientific learning. Adults and younger children also find the activities fun—make sure all participants have their shoes ready!

Everyone can be an explorer, and parents are encouraged to join their young scientists. In the first week of programming, kids across the country discovered essential tools for every explorer, learned how to safely make and record observations, how to look for adventure in their own backyard and how to create nature journals.

The Live events are hosted by Anne Lewis, Discovery Center Special Projects Director, and National Geographic Explorer. In the upcoming days, students will observe clouds and look at what they can learn from the color of the sky. Lewis will also ask participants to look closer at the Earth’s seasons and how they connect to bird migration. Wrapping up this week by digging into soil and Earth systems right in our back yards.

If you join the Facebook Live events or want to support science literacy and education, visit to give what you can in support of these remote science education events.

The SD Discovery Center is open to all. As the first institution of its kind in South Dakota, the Center’s mission has grown from introducing children and their families to science through an acclaimed exhibit hall to including the instruction of educators at all levels and enhancing scientific understanding through programming geared at inspiring creative minds and critical thinking in all ages. Find out more at

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