Thursday, June 4, 2020

Eagle Butte

AR students celebrate achievement

Students who earned 10 or more AR points at 80% or higher in January, attended a Valentine’s Day-themed party. The students made a monster Valentine craft, played musical chairs, and were treated to deliciously decorated sugar cookies and special punch. Addison Bowman was the lucky winner of musical chairs. She won the last time they played as well. A great time was had by all.

Mrs. Ducheneaux’s class. Back row (left to right): Marleigh Gunville, Jeryn Big Eagle, Jozaiah Veaux, Miguel LaSalle, Darian Eagle Staff, Addison Bowman. Front row (left to right): Bella Dunn, Rowyn Bowman, Shaumari Yellow Earrings, and Kaimana Newbrough.

Miss Dupris’ class (left to right): Tayan Bad Warrior, Kaya Johnson, Guadalupe Lara, Drew Dupris, Caroline Ducheneaux, Raquel HandBoy, and Samiah Hanson.

Miss Lawrence’s class. Back row (left to right): Marni Schad, Kaisagarr Tavai Fiatoa, and Kylee Whirlwind Horse. Front row (left to right): January Lee, Amanda Blue Coat, Wakota Washburn, Noah LeClair, Turok Bartlett, Israel Red Bear, and Andon Bensen.