Thursday, May 28, 2020

Eagle Butte

Annual Emergency Response exercise

On Saturday, July 20, a full-scale emergency response exercise to test state of readiness of emergency responders was conducted near the junction of Hwy. 65 and 212, near Dupree.

According to Ziebach Co. Emergency Manager Charles Red Crow, the emergency simulation was conducted by the Ziebach County Emergency Management Office and included various first responders and law enforcement agencies including Walworth County Office of Emergency Management, Timber Lake Ambulance Service, Warhawk Emergency Response District, and local volunteer fire departments.

This year, the emergency scenario was a HAZMAT spill, said Red Crow.

“I thought everyone did great. The response time, the protocols they would take regarding a gas spill, the ambulance service handled the injuries well,” said Red Crow.

The annual exercise is required through the South Dakota Office of Emergency Management through a State and Local Agreement, said Red Crow.

Emergency responders react to a simulated HAZMAT spill near the junction of Highway 212 and 65. Photo submitted