Thursday, October 29, 2020

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A tale of two mayors; current mayor and former mayor vie for Dupree’s top seat



Ray Lenk

Why are you seeking re-election?

Well, I would like to see the projects that we’ve gotten started completed. We just got approved for the water tower and I’d like to see that completed. We are tying up loose ends on the waste water, treatment plants and lagoons. Those should be completed in the next couple months. I feel the updates we had to do were necessary, and it was something that had to be done. I want to get all these things completed and then I’m going to retire.

What is the state of Dupree currently?

Financially we are sitting in good shape. 

Our maintenance man is really up on things. He’s got all his certifications and he is very thorough and does an excellent job for the city.

Any new plans or projects for the city?

We do have a drainage problem here in the city. We completed the drainage survey with a grant we received.  The cost estimates for doing this are too high with what else we will have to do we need to put that on temporary hold.

I think we’ve done quite a bit. Yes we had to raise the water rates and sewer rates to offset the loans to pay this back and I think we’ll be ok. We won’t have any problem paying off the loans.

Jim Veit

Why are you running for mayor?

I think we need to work a bit to keep water and sewer rates down. It’s time for people in Dupree to unite as one to make this a great community.

If elected are there any changes you’d make?

I think overall the city employees are doing a good job so I’d see no need to change anything there.

I’d try and keep our young people here, by trying to get more opportunites available. One thing I’d like to try is work with the tribe to see if we could get some manufacturing jobs here.

We need to work on the housing situation. There are a lot of people who want to move to Dupree, but there is nowhere for them to live.

Are there any projects you would like to see the city do?

I’d like to work on the streets and see if we could get funding to get our streets paved. The days of living in the dust are behind us. The children have to walk through mud just to get to the schools.  As head custodian at the school I can tell you it makes a mess.

What is your previous experience with the city?

In the past I have served as both mayor and have sat on the city council. I was the city superintendant and have inside knowledge on how the city works.



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