Friday, August 14, 2020

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A message from CRST DOT Director Dakota Longbrake

Dakota Longbrake

I would like to send out a reminder/notice on the CRST Department of Transportation snow plowing work. The first priority is to get the primary BIA routes and the community streets opened. The BIA Road maintenance crews also work on these plowing activities. The secondary routes will be plowed next, followed by individual residences. The BIA can only plow off of the BIA system (individual roads) in emergency situations.

I want to remind people that individual residential roads are NOT the responsibility of the CRST DOT. Snow plowing and maintenance are the responsibility of the owner. The Tribe does, however, help when it needs to. Residents are encouraged to make the attempt to plow the snow on your road yourself. There are also several tribal members who own equipment and are looking for work plowing snow.

If the snow becomes too much for you, please call the CRST DOT office or the Command Center to ask for assistance in getting your road plowed.

There is only one source of funds within the CRST DOT to work on individual roads and those are Elderly Road funds. When the department plows snow for individuals, those are the funds being used. The more money we spend plowing snow in the winter, the less money we have to spend on graveling and building roads for the elderly in the summer months.