Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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T’was the night before xmas

at the horsemanship corral

all the students were riding
 and doing quite well


The horses were well grained

their stalls were all clean

the students were learning

from Instructors David and Blaine


They were learning about Saddles

Bridles, and such

how to curry horses

and where not to touch


They learned about hoof care

different breeds of a horse

how to tie different knots

and scotch hobble of course


they learned sources of water

and different kinds of grass

respect for their Elders

not to talk back or sass


They learned to tell ages

by looking at teeth

how to tighten a saddle

with the cinch underneath

They learned horse anatomy

much like a Vet

and they’ll learn a lot more

cause we sure aren’t done yet


They’ll oil their saddles

and learn horseshoeing tools

they’ll train their own horses

as they learn all the rules


They’ll lope up the sidehill

or slow to a trot

some will buck off

more likely than not


But they’ll shake it off

and get right back on

as they ride like the wind

both hither and yon

When class is all over

and the day is all done

with jokes and some laughter

they’ll have lots of fun


We’ll do this all winter

and when schools out in the spring

they’ll be riding perfect

for whatever summer may bring


As we get ready for Christmas

we’d all love to reflect

Merry Christmas to All

from the Youth Horsemanship Project


Blaine Nordvold (YHP Coordinator)