Monday, August 3, 2020

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A fun way to read

Sometimes change is hard to accept, whether it is because of strong personal biases or the feelings of uneasiness that change can bring. One such change that I have resisted is the notion of incorporating ebook readers into my life. Ebooks are electronic versions of printed books that can be accessible online and on a mobile device.

I am “old fashioned” and love everything about books- their feel, their smell, and sound of turning each page after being taken on an adventure; however, recently, I’ve began contemplating incorporating ebooks and e-readers into my life. E-readers are mobile devices on which ebooks and electronic transcripts can be read.

What has changed my perspective and feelings? Simple, my kiddo is an avid reader with an insatiable love for books. It seems, no matter how many books we buy her, she seems to be always need a new book to read. This love of reading has altered the way my family shops and plans trips to the nearest town, which can take hours to reach.

While local public libraries may ease some of the planning and purchases, they may not always have books that peak my daughter’s interest, or worse (or not), she may have read them all. Yes, this has happened before.

Naturally, using ebooks and e-readers has become tempting and I now want to join the digital book revolution.

On their website, Lifewire lists reasons to buy an e-reader for children, which include:

No more untimely book deaths: ebooks are “indestructible “ because they can be backed up, saved, and requires effort to purposefully delete ebooks.

Onboard dictionary: many e-readers have a built-in dictionary- an important and easily accessible learning tool for children.

Ability to “write on pages”: most e-readers have the capability to allow notetaking within electronic pages.

A library wherever you go: the convenience of mobile devices cannot be stated enough. Ebooks can be accessed at anytime, anywhere with a mobile device.

Stealth reading: peer pressure can extend all the way to reading material. With no book cover to advertise what they are reading, a child with an e-reader is free to read books they like, without pressures from their peers. 

If you are on the fence about whether or not go digital, research some e-readers and ebooks, and see if it is a good fit for you. Libraries are still so important in society and still our to-go for the family, and will remain so. For my kiddo, e-readers will be a supplement to her reading needs.