Friday, August 14, 2020

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60 individuals receive Cultural Monitor training

60 individuals received certificates after attending and completing Para Professional Cultural Resource Survey/Monitor Training. The training was put on by the CRST Cultural Preservation Program. 

Those receiving certificates were Albert Arpan Jr., Steven Lee, Steven A. Dupris, Marcus Yellow Earrings, Treye Laplante, Wyatt Knight, Tyler Thompson, Amos Cook, Phyllis Bald Eagle, Lila Makes Room For Them, Lorraine Anderson, Gibson Garreau Jr., Leonard Anderson, Shireen Wiedmer, Frankie Ducheneaux, Burt A. Bridges, Roddy Thompson, Anthony Pesicka, Ben Marshall, Lance White Eyes, Moses High Elk, Dustin Ward, Eric Cook, Jody Totten, Dysan Lends  His Horse, Melvin Semon, Lisa M. Skye, Todd Eastman Sr., Paige Kerstiens, Ted Maupin, Joe Garreau, Wallace Knight, Tiger Condon, Frankie Lou Johnson, Jaramie Eaton, LaRay Brings Plenty, Nathan Benoist, Tristan Garreau, Paula Hill-Taylor, Phillip J. Gullikson, David Pesicka, Thomas W. Fischer, Darin Falcon, Melissa Wientjes, J’Kye Wientjes, Jody Pateneaude, Andrew Robinson, Terrance Little Thunder, Angeline Kennedy, Deb Knight, Susan Dillabaugh, Jace Vrooman, Fred Haskell, Jeremy Fischer, Richard R. LeBeau, Don (Donald) Red Thunder, Jeremy Means, Donovin Sprague, Rylan Sprague, and Steven Blondo.