Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Chairman’s Update: Positive cases steady; businesses to enforce mask mandate

Total case count as of today is 38 positive cases. A total of 3,487 tests have been conducted, with 1,306 test kits available at this time, said Chairman Harold Frazier during his daily brief today. A total of 306 tests were processed yesterday during the mass testing in Eagle Butte. 208 ID NOW tests were all negative, and the remaining 106 have been sent to the State lab The majority of the cases are in the Eagle Butte area.

The Tribe’s Executive Order mandates masks for employees and customers at ALL businesses operating on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. The Chairman emphasized the importance of following CDC guidelines for everyone. If you are a business owner and need assistance cleaning your business, please reach out to the CRST Command Center.

The Command Center has machines that can sanitize large areas if needed, so please call. If you are an individual needs groceries or cleaning supplies, you can call the Command Center.

Medical Hotline Number 24×7                605/964-0563

Behavioral Health Hotline 24×7              605/964-1545

Command Center                                  605/964-3637

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Free Testing

Free drive through testing for any resident of the reservation is at the following locations. You do not have to be Tribal member to be tested for free. More testing dates are to come. Go to any site, you do not have to wait for them to come to your town or area.

The chairman also emphasized the need to protect our vulnerable and elder populations.

“It’s really important that we try to take care of each other, especially the vulnerable, especially our elders. I just wanted to say that on the radio. Just a reminder to all you employees that are working with a vulnerable population to remind you to be extra cautious as you go about your day when you’re not at work,” Frazier said.

All case count numbers are available on the internet from the original sources. Many are at

A caller expressed concern about the homeless population. The Chairman shared that that population is receiving help in the shelter to wash clothing, do personal sanitation, and receive education about how the virus is transmitted. Some wear masks. Anyone can get tested if they would like to. There have not reports of symptoms in this population.

A caller asked why is there no lockdown? The Chairman replied that the most recent cases tie back to original cases who are in quarantine already, so the sources are already contained. There has been discussion of setting curfew back to 8 pm, but the Tribe does not feel it’s necessary at this time.