Saturday, September 26, 2020

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44 petitions taken out for CRST Council Representative seats

Forty-four petitions for vacating tribal council seats were turned in to the CRST secretary’s office on Monday,

In District 1, seven petitions were turned in for the council representative seat. They were: Burton In The Woods, Sr., Jeffrey Turning Heart, David Hale, Arlee High Elk, Steve Moran, Bryce In The Woods, Ardys C. Cook. 

In District 2, three petitions were turned in: Burtis White Wolf, Sr., Bruce Brown Wolf, and Ted Knife, Jr. (Buddy).

In District 3, petitions were received from Sylvester Waloke, John C. Kessler, 

Bill E. Iron Hawk, De Vina Longbrake, September Waloke, and Braden L. Dupris.

10 petitions were turned in in District 4. Petitioners were Mary Lee Johns, Sharon F. Lee, Colton Clown, Sr., Gloria Floria Laundreaux, Melvin Traversie, James L. (Jim) Pearman, Richard Laundreaux, Russell D. Benoist, Mark J. Knight, and Keith Annis.

Nine individuals turned petitions in for District 5. They were Corey Schad, Francine Garreau Hall, Frankie Lou Johnson, Robert “Bob” Walters, Robin Lynn LeBeau, Ryman LeBeau (nomination and petition), Paul Sand, Derek Bartlett (nomination and petition), and JoHanna High Bear.

In District 6, petitioners were Jamie Ducheneaux, Michael Bowker, Michael Rousseau, Richard B. Rousseau, Dixie Lecompte, Wade “Tater” Ward, Thomas R. Eagle Staff, and Ivan H. LeCompte (Hank)

Any qualified voter may challenge the eligibility of any person seeking to be a candidate by filing with the District Council Chairman, a sworn affidavit setting forth the grounds within three (3) days after the posting of this Notice.

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