Sunday, July 25, 2021

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2020 Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest Winners

Kids (Ages 1-4)

CJ Garreaux, 1st Place, Scooter

Ona Garreaux, 2nd Place, Scooter

Ky Dillabaugh, 3rd Place, $25.00

Hannah Rackard, 4th Place, $20.00

Kyrie Newbrough, 5th Place, $15.00

Ben Rackard, C/HM, $5.00, Tie

Richard Rackard, C/HM, $5.00, Tie

Peyton Walters, C/HM, $5.00, Tie

Rilyn Walters, C/HM, $5.00, Tie

Kids (Ages 5-10)

Alexa Anderson, 1st Place, Scooter

Whitney Laplante, 2nd Place, Scooter

Ayanna Adams, 3rd Place, $25.00

Olivia Gallipo, 4th Place, $20.00

Olivia Laplante, 5th Place, $15.00

Mahpiya Eagle Hunter, C/HM, $10.00

Akicita Eagle Hunter, C/HM, $5.00, Tie

Aniyah Adams, C/HM, $5.00, Tie

Teens (Ages 11-15)

Raquel Mesteth, Best In Show, $150.00, SBEB

Angel Benson, 1st Place, $75.00

Alex Walters, 2nd Place, $50.00

Shadyn Red Bear, 3rd Place, $25.00

Adam Benson, DP, Frank Ganje True Value-Wood Burning Kraft Kit

JeFree Walters, DP, Vilas Drug-Cooler w/Goodies

Kaylee Agneaux, DP, Vilas Drug-Cooler w/Goodies

Akeyda Adams, DP, EB Coop-Free Pizza

Alaceyia Adams, DP, EB Coop-Free Pizza

Micheal Condon, Jr., DP, EB Coop-Free Pizza

Alexia Flying By, DP, EB Coop-Free Pizza

Adults (Ages 16 and up)

Tammy Granados, Best In Show, $350.00, DX Beef

Nickie Shepherd, Best In Show, $350.00, SBEB

Mark Benoist, 1st Place, $300.00

Douglas Laplante, 2nd Place, $200.00, Tie

Leland Benoist, 2nd Place, $200.00, Tie, Four Bands Community Fund

Keonna Red Bear, 3rd Place, $100.00

Kyanne Potter, DP, Western Dakota Bank-$25.00 Gift Card

Raymond Uses The Knife, DP, 4 Winds Lumber-$50 Gift Certificate

Christen Turning Heart, DP, Mni Mart-$25.00 Gift Certificate

Julian Red Bear, DP, EB Coop-$25.00 Gift Card

Lacey Turning Heart, DP, Mni Mart-12 pk Pepsi

Jeannie Walters, DP, Mni Mart-12 pk Coke

Jeannie Walters, DP, Kelsie Kay’s Coffee Depot-$25.00 Gift Certificate

Micheal Condon, Sr., DP, Sudsy Bubbles-1 Free Car Wash

Ettie Mae Benoist, DP, CRST Telephone Authority-Phone

Ettie Mae Benoist, DP, Maria Cuisine-1 Free Dinner

Rhyley Dillabaugh, DP, Maria Cuisine-1 Free Dinner

Kay LeBeau, DP, Suds N Snacks-Large Washing Machine Use

Kris Garreau, DP, Rillings Produce-1 Dozen Ear Of Corn

Danette Flying By, DP, Rillings Produce-1 Seedless Watermelon

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