Saturday, December 5, 2020

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2020 Census count complete despite challenges

2020 Census activities came to a halt across the nation on October 15. The Supreme Court allowed the Trump Administration to end census activities two weeks earlier than planned by the Census Bureau.

The early end had been fought by tribes and immigrant advocates around the country since August. An early end to in-person enumeration has a disproportionate impact on Hard to Count populations, including those isolated by technology, language, poverty, distance and culture; all of which play a role on CRST.

Cheyenne River counted 2,584 households, only 16 households short of a complete count. Praise for this historic accomplishment goes to a wide coalition of organizations across CRST and across Indian Country. Activities took place across CRST despite COVID-19 restrictions and historical resistance to the Census.

The high degree of participation will ensure many benefits over the next 10 years, including balancing the scales in apportionment of representation across the country. On CRST the benefits include funding for housing, education, roads, and other essential services. The count will also increase the ability of indigenous leaders to influence treaty compliance and Native sovereignty.

Organizations who participated in successful CRST Census activities include The Cheyenne River Housing Authority, Four Bands Community Fund, KIPI Radio, Four Directions, Cheyenne River Police Department, CRST Telephone Authority, The West River Eagle, Our Circle Conceptions, CRST Education Department, The Chairman’s office, and all Census enumerators and employees.

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