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2019 SDHSAA Region 8B Track Meet results

The Dupree, Timber Lake and Tiospaye Topa track teams traveled to Lemmon, SD for the Region 8B Track and Field Meet Thursday, May 16. Listed below are the official local results for the meet. Results are listed by place, name, time/distance, school.

Boy’s results:

100 Meters:

1. Isaac Kraft, 11.63aPR, Timber Lake

4. Hank Kraft, 12.22a, Timber Lake

5. Jackson Harrison, 12.28a, Timber Lake

8. Code Pederson, 12.77a, Dupree

200 Meters:

1. Tucker Kraft, 23.62aPR, Timber Lake

3. Jayce Lawrence, 25.45aPR, Timber Lake

7. Cooper Lindskov, 26.96aPR, Timber Lake

11. Jessup Pederson, 28.09a, Dupree

15. Tyler Stambach, 30.42a, Dupree

400 Meters:

4. Brady Sandquist, 57.32a, Timber Lake

5. Ian Beyer, 57.74a, Timber Lake

6. Jessup Pederson, 1:01.35a, Dupree

13. Chase Marshall, 1:05.39aPR, Timber Lake

14. Tyler Stambach, 1:07.30a, Dupree

800 Meters:

1. Kuper Heck, 2:02.95a, Timber Lake

2. Beau DuBray, 2:09.83aPR, Timber Lake

3. Ian Beyer, 2:15.34a, Timber Lake

9. Code Pederson, 2:41.51a, Dupree

11. Vern Petersen, 2:46.34a, Dupree

1600 Meters:

4. Ethan Farlee, 5:19.64aPR, Timber Lake

7. Vern Petersen, 5:45.06aPR, Dupree

9. Code Pederson, 5:54.33aPR, Dupree

11. Kedrick Martin, 5:59.38aPR, Timber Lake

13. Max Peacock, 7:03.69a, Dupree

— Beau DuBray, SCR, Timber Lake

3200 Meters:

4. Ethan Farlee, 12:43.80a, Timber Lake

110m Hurdles – 39″:

3. Hunter Stambach, 20.87aPR, Dupree

— Trevor Brangham, DQ, Timber Lake

300m Hurdles – 36″:

6. Chazz Gabe, 52.66a, Timber Lake

7. Ethan Goldade, 52.83aPR, Timber Lake

4×100 Relay:

1. Hank Kraft, Brady Sandquist, Jayce Lawrence, Jackson Harrison, 48.36a, Timber Lake

4×200 Relay:

1. Hank Kraft, Jackson Harrison, Tucker Kraft, Isaac Kraft, 1:36.25a, Timber Lake

4×400 Relay:

1. Jayce Lawrence, Ian Beyer, Trevor Brangham, Kuper Heck, 3:42.22a, Timber Lake

4×800 Relay:

— Relay Team, SCR, Timber Lake

SMR 1600m – [2-2-4-8]:

4. Jayce Lawrence, Cooper Lindskov, Trevor Brangham, Brady Sandquist, 4:12.98a, Timber Lake

Shot Put – 12lb:

2. Tucker Kraft, 46-01.25, Timber Lake

5. Hunter Stambach, 38-06.25PR, Dupree

6. Cade Johnson, 37-11.50, Dupree

8. Sawyer Holzer, 35-09.75, Timber Lake

9. Max Peacock, 35-07.00, Dupree

13. Jaiden Ducheneaux, 31-10.75, Timber Lake

16. Zak Zabadne, 31-04.00PR, Tiospaye Topa

Discus – 1.6kg:

2. Tucker Kraft, 138-04, Timber Lake

5. Max Peacock, 115-05PR, Dupree

7. Bergen Marshall, 113-06PR, Timber Lake

8. Hunter Stambach, 111-01PR, Dupree

9. Jaiden Ducheneaux, 106-09, Timber Lake

19. Cade Johnson, 92-04, Dupree

High Jump:

1. Isaac Kraft, 6-01.00PR, Timber Lake

2. Trevor Brangham, 5-09.00PR, Timber Lake

5. Brady Sandquist, 5-02.00, Timber Lake

Long Jump:

1. Jackson Harrison, 19-03.50PR, Timber Lake

2. Chase Marshall, 18-11.25PR, Timber Lake

Triple Jump:

1. Isaac Kraft, 41-01.00SR, Timber Lake

2. Hank Kraft, 38-10.75, Timber Lake

6. Chazz Gabe, 31-08.50, Timber Lake

Girl’s results:

100 Meters:

3. LaShae Nash, 13.86aSR, Timber Lake

6. Lorenda Long, 14.28a, Timber Lake

8. Carlie Lawrence, 14.71a, Timber Lake

200 Meters:

1. Shay Kraft, 28.49aPR, Timber Lake

3. LaShae Nash, 29.71aSR, Timber Lake

6. Olivia Linderman, 31.27aSR, Timber Lake

7. Kaya Cuny, 31.44aPR, Dupree

8. Megan Hinrichs, 31.51a, Dupree

18. Marion Petersen, 33.12a, Dupree

400 Meters:

1. Shay Kraft, 1:04.62aPR, Timber Lake

3. Kenlea Heck, 1:09.94a, Timber Lake

6. Madie Bieber, 1:12.65a, Timber Lake

10. Marion Petersen, 1:17.57a, Dupree

12. Megan Hinrichs, 1:23.39a, Dupree

14. Sydnee White Feather, 1:56.76a, Dupree

800 Meters:

6. Tristan Little Wounded, 3:24.34a, Dupree

7. Haley Rapada, 3:39.00aPR, Dupree

— Sydnee White Feather, SCR, Dupree

1600 Meters:

3. Macy Martin, 6:24.34aPR, Dupree

4. Tiana Iron Hawk, 7:07.52a, Dupree

5. Sydnee White Feather, 7:51.23a, Dupree

3200 Meters:

3. Macy Martin, 13:36.76aPR, Dupree

5. Tiana Iron Hawk, 15:05.02a, Dupree

300m Hurdles – 30″:

2. Lorenda Long, 53.00a, Timber Lake

4×100 Relay:

3. Lorenda Long, Olivia Linderman, Carlie Lawrence, LaShae Nash, 56.42a, Timber Lake

4×200 Relay:

2. Lorenda Long, Carlie Lawrence, LaShae Nash, Shay Kraft, 1:58.84a, Timber Lake

SMR 1600m – [2-2-4-8]:

3. Relay Team, 5:09.67a, Timber Lake

Shot Put – 4kg:

5. Chessa McDaniel, 29-02.50,, Dupree

11. Erin Lemke, 26-02.00PR, Dupree

13. Angel Johnson, 25-05.00PR, Dupree

16. Maggie Bad Warrior, 23-07.00, Timber Lake

19. Tia LeBeau, 23-01.00PR, Timber Lake

20. Stormi Hulm, 22-09.00, Timber Lake

Discus – 1kg:

4. Chessa McDaniel, 94-11


12. Erin Lemke, 73-05


13. Tia LeBeau, 71-11PR

Timber Lake

14. Angel Johnson, 69-06


19. Maggie Bad Warrior, 59-06

Timber Lake

21. Stormi Hulm, 58-03

Timber Lake

Long Jump:

1. Carlie Lawrence, 14-04.75, Timber Lake

Triple Jump:

1. Shay Kraft, 34-00.25PR, Timber Lake


Dupree Senior CL Pederson, Timber Lake Senior Jackson Harrison, a Lemmon runner, and Dupree Seventh Grader JW Pederson sprint the 100 meter dash at the regional meet held Thursday, May 16. Photo by Patty Peacock

Zakariah Zainadine, a senior from Tiospaye Topa, throws the shot-put at the regional meet. Photo by Patty Peacock

Dupree runners Haley Rapada and Tristan Little Wounded run the 800 meter race. Photo by Patty Peacock

Cade Johnson throws the shot-put and takes sixth place. Photo by Patty Peacock