Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Eagle Butte

2019 RedCan event another hit for Cheyenne River Youth Project

The 5th Annual RedCan celebration was another success in the books for Cheyenne River Youth Project.

Hundreds of people came out to enjoy events from June 19-22, as countless of volunteers contributed to the successful occasion.

The ever-so-popular and new beautiful artistic “graffiti jam” masterpieces will adorn buildings throughout Eagle Butte until next year’s RedCan.

Events kicked off on Wednesday, June 19, with artists from across the nation taking their skills to buildings, concrete walls, storage containers, and billboards. Murals from last year were replaced with fresh paint and new images: a canupa on one, a wapaha on another.

On Thursday, a 5K color run/walk began at CRYP and runners in full form were met with volunteers who doused them with various and bright colored powders. Later that day, volunteers held a martial arts self-defense class at Veteran’s Tree on Main Street. Participants of all ages took part in the class and learned fundamental and basic defense techniques.

On Friday, the Youth Art Activities included creating slime, making bird feeders, skateboard making, and learning to spray paint. Later that day, a free community dinner drew a large crowd who after dinner, enjoyed the evening “Concert In the Park” with artists Gunner Jules and Let It Bee.

On Saturday, events wrapped up with more Youth Art Activities that included t-shirt printing, making dreamcatchers, more painting, and playing with bubbles. Renowned hoop dancers, the Sampson Brothers, took center stage and gave a class on hoop dancing and participants were able to tell a story with dance and hoops- creating animals such as butterflies and eagles with hoops. To conclude RedCan, a community dinner was served and final concert was performed by Gunner Jules and Let It Bee.

Photos by Darrel Eagle Staff