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2019 fireworks prohibited within Dupree city limits

Dupree’s city council spent about half of their July meeting debating what to do about hazards and curfew violations of fireworks use in the City of Dupree, said Finance Officer Maurice Lemke.

Several council members received complaints about the dangers presented and sound emitted when citizens use large, mortar and artillery shell fireworks in neighborhoods and after the 10:00 p.m. curfew, Lemke said.

Last year, the city decided to designate the concrete slab in the housing area where an old grain bin used to be as the spot where people could safely set off fireworks, but Lemke said few people used the spot as hoped.

According to the meeting minutes, Ziebach County Sheriff Gary Cudmore said that the big issue with the fireworks during the fourth of July celebrations was the lack of supervision, lack of consideration for neighbors, late hours and most of all the use of adult fireworks, which use the artillery shells and mortars.

Lemke said that mortars and shells are launched from a tube that should be secured in the ground to prevent tipping, but that many people light them without properly securing them, running the risk of a tube tipping and aiming the firework into someone or something, resulting in bodily injury or property damage.

Alderman Unalee Howe said  that there is also a concern for veterans who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, and pets, according to meeting minutes.

Lemke added in a telephone interview, a concern for infants and young children who are trying to go to sleep after 10:00 p.m. at night. 

Alderman Howe moved that no fireworks will be sold or discharged within the city limits for 2019, with a second by   Alderman Sam Owen, and the motion was carried, despite concerns about how to enforce such an ordinance.

In a discussion after the motion was approved, Lemke said the council acknowledged the lack of resources to enforce the prohibited use of and sale of fireworks, but there was a unanimous agreement that something had to be done given the number of complaints called into the city office and expressed to city council members about the safe handling and sound disturbances of fireworks.

Discussions pertaining to mosquito spraying yielded a plan to spray in the evenings, even though there are some people who would prefer an earlier spray time to alleviate the onslaught of mosquitos early evening when people might be mowing their lawns or gardening.

Lemke said that the choice to mow later considers the times in which pollinators such as honey bees are active, and attempts to avoid collateral damage to pollinators when spraying for mosquitos, even though Dupree uses the same chemical used in Eagle Butte, which poses the least damage to pollinators as compared to other chemicals the city could be using.

The city also brought up concerns again about the Cenex stacked tires, which provide both a breeding ground for mosquitos and a fire hazard, said Lemke.

Lemke said a letter will be drafted to Cenex pertaining to the tires.

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