Thursday, April 18, 2019

Eagle Butte

2018 Ziebach County 4-H Acheivement Day results

There were numerous 4H project entries brought in as well as a number of cookie contest entries for the annual Ziebach County 4H Achievement Day event.  The Ziebach County Cookie contest, open to anyone of any age (people do not have to be in 4H to enter), winners were Minda Woodward taking first place with her Peanut Butter Blossoms, Erin Lemke placing second with her Peanut Butter cookies, and Malory Peacock awarded third for her Gluten-Free Raspberry Almond Sandwich cookies.

The 4H members (in alphabetical order) and their placings in the static entries were as followed:  Brodie Bachman–Child Dev-Purple, Homemade Healthy & Beauty-2 Purples, Skin Care-2 Purples, Hobbies & Collections-Purple, Visual Arts-Paper Orig.-2 Blues, Visual Arts-Duct Tape-Purple, and Welding-1 Red and 1 Blue.  Gabriella De La Rosa (Cloverbud Age)-Child Dev.-Green, Visual Arts-Pigment-Green, Visual Arts-Paper Orig.-Green, and Visual Arts-Wood Orig.-Green.  Rio De La Rosa-Foods & Nutrition-1 Purple and 1 Blue, Hobbies & Collections-2 Purples, Visual Arts-Wood Kits-2 Purples, Welding-2 Reds, and Special Foods-Purple.  Zoey De La Rosa-Clothing & Textiles Selected Outfit-2 Purples, Foods & Nutrition-1 Blue and 1 Purple, Visual Aarts-Textile Kit-Purple, Visual Arts-Fiber Kit-Purple, Welding-Blue, Fashion Revue-Purple, and Special Foods-Purple.  Amber Donovan-Foods & Nutrition-Purple, Hobbies & Collections-Purple, Home Environ.-Purple, and Visual Arts-Textiles Kit-Purple.  Bailee Donovan-Foods & Nutrtion-1 Purple and 1 Blue, Home Environ.-4 Purples, 1 Blue, and 1 Red, Visual Arts-Nature-Blue, Visual Arts-Jewelry-Purple, and Visual Arts-Wood-Blue.  Michael Donovan-Home Environ-2 Purples, Visual Arts-Jewelry-Blue, and Visual Arts-Nature-Purple.  Sierra Feickert-Visual Arts-Jewelry-2 Purples and Special foods-Purple.  Casyn Gage (Cloverbud Age)-Home Environ.-Green and Visual Arts-Wood Kit-Green.  Lexi Gage-Home Environ.-3 Purples and 1 Blue and Visual Arts-Wood Orig.-Purple.  Radley Grueb-Foods & Nutrition-Blue, Home Environ.-1 Purple and 1 Blue and Visual Arts-Pigment-Purple.  Reagan Grueb-Foods & Nutrition-Purple, Home Environ.-3 Purples, and Visual Arts-Wood Orig.-Red.  Krece Halligan-Home Environ.-1 Purple and 1 Blue.  Emma Jordan-Hobbies & Collections-1 Purple, Home Environ.-4 Purples, Visual Arts-Nature-Purple, and Visual Arts Glass Orig.-Purple.  Kaylee Jordan-Cultural Education Display-Purple, Home Environ.-3 Purples, Photography Animals-1 Blue and 1 Purple, Photography-Landscape-2 Purples, Photography-What Makes SD Great-1 Blue and1 Red, Photography-People-2 Blues, Photography-Non-Living-Blue, Visual Arts-Wood Orig.-2 Purples and Visual Arts-Glass Orig.-Purple.  Alan Lemke-Foods & Nutrition-Blue, Home Environ.-3 Purples, Horticulture/Gardening-2 Purples, Eggs-Purple, and Special Foods-Purple. Dustilyn Lemke-Companion Animal Cat Display-Blue, Foods & Nutrition-Purple, Goats Educ. Display-Purple, Horticulture/Gardening-4 Blues, Eggs-Brown got a Purple and Colored Chicken Eggs Display-Blue, and Sheep & Wool-2 Blues.  Erin Lemke-Foods & Nutrition-2 Purples, Home Environ.-4 Purples, and Special Foods-2 Purples.  Maverick Lemke-Foods & Nutrition-Purple, Home Environ.-2 Blues and 2 Purples, Horticulture/Gardening-4 Blues, Brown Eggs-Purple, Visual Arts-Pigment Orig.-Purple, Welding-Purple, and Special Foods-Purple.  Wyatt Lemke-Foods & Nutrition-2 Purples, Home Environ.-1 Blue and 3 Purples, Horticulture/Gardening-2 Purples, White Eggs-Blue, Welding-Purple, Wood Science-Blue, and Special Foods-Purple.  Malory Peacock-Child Dev. Game-Purple, Clothing & Textiles Selected Outfit-Purple, Consumer Education-Lip Balm-Purple, Foods & Nutrtion-Purple, Home Environ.-1 Blue and 1 Purple, and Fashion Revue-Purple.  Maxwell Peacock-Graphic Design-2 Purples, Photography-Landscape-Purple, Visual Arts-Pigment Orig.-Purple, and Visual Arts-Textiles Orig.-Purple.   Baxter Schrempp-Educ. Display on Citizenship-Purple.  Tanner Thorstenson-Foods & Nutrition-Purple and Hobbies & Collections-Purple.  Tayla Thorstenson-Foods & Nutrition-Blue and Photography-Blue.  Treg Thorstenson-Hobbies & Collections-Purple, Public Presentation Demo on Roping-Purple, and Special Foods-Purple.  Juell Twite-Clothing & Textiles-Constructed Clothing-1 Blue and 2 Purples.  Minda Woodward-Foods & Nutrition-Blue, Home Environ.-2 Blues and 5 Purples, Visual Arts-Jewelry Kit-2 Blues, Visual Arts-Paper Kit-Purple, Visual Arts-Wood-Blue, and Special Foods-Purple.