Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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125th Anniversary Memorial Ride underway

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Harold C. Frazier rode with 40 Big Foot Memorial Riders over the weekend.  The riders start off the memorial journey at Sitting Bull’s Camp on the Standing Rock Reservation on December 15th, for the next 15 days the group will travel over 300 miles to the Wounded Knee Memorial on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The memorial ride is done every year to remember those Lakota Ancestors who lost their lives in the December 29, 1889 Wounded Knee Massacre.

The riders begin their journey at Sitting Bulls Camp, this location is an important starting point because of the historical significance the camp holds; it is the location that Chief Sitting Bull was murdered by Standing Rock Indian Police. The ride moves down from Standing Rock Reservation and into the Cheyenne River Reservation where Sitting Bull’s followers met up with Mnicoujou leader Spotted Elk a.k.a. Chief Big Foot and his camp. The group left for Oglala Leader Chief Red Cloud’s Camp to seek refuge from the United States Calvary.

The Group was caught by the United States 7th Calvary, and after days of negotiations the U.S. Army Troops opened fire and massacred the unarmed group of Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Lakota.

Chairman Harold C. Frazier rode the 2 day leg of the ride that was between Green Grass to Cherry Creek SD. This was the first time that a Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman has participated in the Big Foot Memorial Ride. The riders will end their memorial trip on December 29 when they make it to their destination at the Wounded Knee Memorial on the Oglala Sioux Reservation.