Thursday, June 4, 2020

Eagle Butte

10 year Anniversary of the Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center

The 10 year anniversary of the Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center will be held on Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 5PM. The event will include the unveiling of the third large bronze statue of Clint Johnson in the sculpture garden. Clint Johnson, a four-time world saddle-bronc champion, will be in attendance, along with his family and sculptor, TR Chytka. Immediately after the unveiling, Willie Cowan will be showing how he harnesses his wagon team and interested parties may leave their brand on the timbers of the Rodeo Center. Along with the statue unveiling, the Casey Tibbs South Dakota rodeo center will also be hosting live music from award-winning recording artists Del Shields and Eli Barsi. There will also be a kids rodeo carnival for children ages twelve and younger. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

 “We are excited to celebrate our ten year anniversary at the Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center next month.” said director, Kalyn Eulberg. “We are also thrilled to have both Clint Johnson and TR Chytka here for the unveiling of our third large bronze statue in the sculpture garden. We hope to see everyone on August, 10. There will be fun for the whole family.”

Interested parties with questions may contact Kalyn at 605-494-1094. The Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center asks that you RSVP before August 7, 2019 if you wish to put your brand on the timbers during the event. We hope to see you there!