The time is now

The world news is full of the usual daily sky is falling items on any given day we wake up.When you dig just a little deeper you realize that’s what news networks are supposed to be for. Bringing the public items that are deemed “newsworthy” that with the right headline will pic our interest to purchase or at least read […]

Thinking about health New Hospital Safety Ratings Available to the Public

By Trudy Lieberman, Rural Health News Service   The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently signaled to the nation’s hospitals that it was getting serious-and tough-about patient safety and the quality of care hospitals provide. The government’s rating system-five stars for the best hospitals and one star for the worst-sends a message that patients have a right to […]

Meth Changes Everything

Over the past several years, South Dakota has seen a rise in the use of methamphetamine, or meth. In our state, 3.8 percent of high school students have tried meth. That is slightly higher than the national average of 3 percent. Approximately 15,000 South Dakotans, age 12 and up, were dependent on or abused illicit drugs in 2015, including meth.Meth […]

An Update on the USS South Dakota

 In August 2018, just two years from now, the new USS South Dakota is expected to make its debut in the Navy’s fleet. Not only will the next generation, Virginia-Class nuclear submarine play an important role in the mission of our sailors, it will also serve as a new symbolic link forged between our state and the Navy. I had the […]

Celebrating National Health Center Week

 August 7-13 is National Health Center Week in America, and it’s a great opportunity to recognize and celebrate the health care professionals who make small community health centers across the country a reality. These physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, doctors, dentists, and others play a pivotal role in creating rural access points for South Dakotans who live in areas where […]

SDSU/Cheyenne River Extension News

SDSU/Cheyenne River Extension is teaming up with Health Education, Suicide Prevention, SDPI/Diabetes Prevention, CRST Fitness Center and others to provide a day of fun and education focused on nutrition, chokecherries, and natural healing remedies. Our Food Festival and Nutrition Fair will feature a speaker who will talk about the unique DNA of Indigenous people of the western hemisphere, YOU HAVE […]

Parents/Guardians: Welcome back to 2016 – 2017 School Year!

 I hope you enjoyed the time you had with your children during the summer!Student registration is on:•    August 10th & 11th, 2016 at the Professional Development room in the Upper Elementary.Dr. Trottier, Bureau of Indian Education School Supervisor is now on campus.  Dr. Trottier’s office is located at the building known as the “Administration Building”, he and his staff are […]

C-EB orientations help new students and building transfer students ease into their new environment

C-EB orientations help new students and building transfer students ease into their new environmentStarting as a new student in a new school can be intimidating, as can moving from a lower grade into a higher grade. Major transitions in Cheyenne-Eagle Butte schools occur between Head Start and Kindergarten, first and second and third grades, sixth and seventh grades and eighth […]

Reclaim Health Through Traditional Foods

veryone is looking forward to fair time, and all of the food that comes with it. In all the commotion of celebrations and summer time events, it can be difficult to make healthy food choices. It seems as though everywhere you look, there is a convenient, mouthwatering selection of tasty and delicious food.  Often times, these foods are not the […]

Dupree board members tour the school and review policies addressing safety, transparency

The Dupree School District 64-2 governing board met Monday August 8 for their regular monthly meeting. After approving the agenda, financial reports, and bills, Superintendent Brian Shanks took the board members on a tour of the school so that they could see the results of renovations. New windows were put in the wing where the old gym is located, and […]

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